Who we are

In business since 1956, Comitti is a small company in northern Italy nestled in the foothills beside the beautiful waters of Lake Como, the sole remaining Italian shipyard with a modern production facility and growing business building wooden runabouts. The Italian tradition of fine craftsmanship and classically modern design is evident in each boat.

The company is currently located in Como, in a big area of more than 4.500 m2, 3.000 of which are production facilities. Thanks to finest materials and to accurate construction methods, COMITTI runabouts are produced for connoisseurs and represent the pinnacle of Italian boat-building tradition.

Founded by Mario Comitti, the company has been afterwards managed by Mario’s son – Elia – until 2003, year when a new management took over the ownership of the yard: in the last 15 years has been introduced several new models and today Comitti builds semi-custom 100% wood construction runabouts in two lengths — SANREMO 22’ and PORTOFINO 25’ - plus the VENEZIA wood-fiberglass composite runabouts of 22, 25, 28, 31 and 34 feet.

In summer 2017 the COMITTI production has been implemented by the launch of the new ISOLA 33 Walk-Around (see dedicated Press Release in attachment).

In concert with a growing network of sales offices located in Italy, in Europe and out of Europe, Comitti is today able to offer a comprehensive service, storage and owner support.

Comitti makes elegant pleasure boats as well as yacht tenders while providing the unique experience that only new construction in the Italian style can offer.


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